Are know the importance of immunity in fighting viruses and diseases like corona virus ?

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We offer complete Checkups by 420 l.e

الفحص الشامل بتكلفة المحاليل فقط من ١٦٥ الي٤٢٠ ومساندة منا للوضع الراهن نستقبل يوميا حاله مجاناا شرط الحجز المسبق لعدم تأثر سير العمل
how you can Choose which you need from blood testes ( for your immunity &or complete blood checkup ? – how much the cost ?
We ask several medical questions, depending on the answer, age, gender, and medical history. We determine what analysis is appropriate for you.
. For children, men and women -You pay less & benefit more
From 150 to 950
Would you like to do a Corona virus test ? You must know that
Corona test is not done outside of government hospitals
Like us like all over the world
With best wishes for good health for all